About Us

Kickstart Norfolk Est. 1996

Set up to provide an alternative transport service across Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, South Lincolnshire and Rutland to individuals with a transport need

The Kickstart Norfolk Story

Kickstart Norfolk is a charity based in Dereham, Norfolk. Starting in 1996 as a non-profit organisation, Kickstart Norfolk became a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee in 2003. Set up to provide an alternative transport service across Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, South Lincolnshire and Rutland to individuals with a transport need, we are proud to state that since 1996 we have assisted over 9,000 people, with over 5,300 of these going on to secure employment, training or education. Working with multi-agencies, trusts and foundations, Kickstart Norfolk receives over 750 applications per annum and with a fleet of over 300 Honda Vision Mopeds we assist more than 400 applicants on to our moped scheme per year, covering an area of more than 8500 square miles. This has enabled Kickstart Norfolk to become both the largest and only sustainable ‘Wheels to Work’ Charity in the country and we are a proud member of the Chamber of commerce and the Federation of Small Businesses.

The Need

One of the main barriers identified as to why an individual residing in a rural community is  not able to secure a better future for theirselves is the lack of transport. Having to rely on public transport, spend large parts of their budget on travel expenses or rely on family and friends to provide them with a lift, often places a heavy burden on both the individual and those around them. This burden can lead to the individual giving up on their future all together and Kickstart Norfolk wants to prevent this from happening.

Life Changing

Whether you are unemployed, a student, an apprentice, attending training or in employment, Kickstart Norfolk could help you if transport is a problem. Below are testimonials from a few of our service users.

Nigel lives near Great Yarmouth and was unemployed and looking for work but finding it hard to secure work due to transport issues. He could not afford to buy and insure a bike himself so applied to the Kickstart Norfolk scheme for help. With the assistance of the moped scheme it has allowed him to secure full time employment in a well-paid job in North Walsham. Nigel said, “Without this bike I would not have been able to secure my job and stay in employment, it has been a blessing and Kickstart Norfolk helped me from start to finish, I would definitely recommend them to people”.

Tony lives in the rural village of Elm near Wisbech and is employed 2 days a week and attends college 3 days a week, he also wants to take on another part-time job which he will need transport for. The timetable for the bus he used daily has now changed, meaning it does not get him to work or college on time, therefore, Tony runs the risk of being fired from his job and being kicked off his course. Tony told us, “I was having to wait around for hours per week waiting for buses to get me to work and college but now with the freedom this moped gives me, it has allowed me to take on another part-time job and get to work and college on time. The Kickstart Norfolk application process is quick and easy and the team are really friendly and helpful, the moped scheme is fantastic and will really help people like me”.

Barry is attending College and taking a Building Skills Course. He lives in Wendling which is a rurally isolated village classed as a public transport deprived area. Due to the lack of public transport Barry cannot attend College without the help of his family and friends and he feels like he is a burden on them all. In conjunction with Norfolk County Council we have been able to assist Barry with a moped and he told us. “I now have the freedom of attending both College and to socialise with my friends in the evenings and weekends without having to constantly ask them for lifts, I was genuinely going to give college up but with the help from Kickstart Norfolk I can pursue the career in building that I want. What a great scheme this is”.