The Kickstart Charity Apprenticeship Fund

The Kickstart Norfolk Apprenticeship Fund is available to any individual residing in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Rutland who is taking part in an Apprenticeship Scheme. All we ask is that you provide evidence that you are on an Apprenticeship and that you are aged 16 or over, there is no age limit. Therefore, if you, your staff or the individual themselves identify and secure an Apprenticeship, Kickstart Norfolk can potentially provide the individual with funding for them to:
1. Attend the Compulsory Bike Training (CBT) – required by law to ensure the individual is safe to ride the moped unsupervised. The CBT is delivered by one of our partners and will be confirmed with both the client and referring member of staff prior to any training taking place.
For more information regarding the CBT, please click on the relevant providers logo under the sponsors tab.
2. Be issued with a set of safety equipment and clothing – once the CBT has been passed and the Apprenticeship start date has been confirmed, the individual will be issued with the following items:
A brand new:
  • Motorcycle Helmet
  • Motorcycle Armoured Jacket
  • Waterproof Trousers
  • Pair of Motorcycle Gloves
  • High Visibility Vest
  • Each moped comes with a lock and chain or security
3. Be issued with a 50cc moped – once an apprenticeship start date has been confirmed, Kickstart Norfolk’s dedicated driver will deliver the moped to the individual at either their residential address or place of employment. Prior to issuing the moped the driver will take the individual through a detailed handover looking at:
  • The moped controls and safety features
  • Daily & weekly checks the individual is required to carryout to ensure the moped performs to its best capacity
  • Emergency numbers for AA breakdown and the Kickstart Norfolk office
  • The actions to be taken in the event of an accident, breakdown or individual wanting to return the moped
  • Security of the moped when left unattended – each moped also comes with a lock and chain for security
The weekly hire of the 50cc moped is subsidised for a period of up to 52 weeks. Due to the subsidy, the individual will make weekly moped hire payments of £28 per week instead of the normal hire rate of £35. All moped hire payments are made by direct debit which will be set up by the Kickstart Norfolk during the application process.

Total Saving:

The Apprenticeship Fund provides an individual with funding to save them a total of £722. To access this fund please complete and return the Kickstart Norfolk Application Form and relevant supporting forms (if applicable).

Please Note:

Individuals will be required to hold a minimum of a Provisional Licence to obtain this funding, therefore, should no licence be held an application to obtain a Provisional Licence may need to be made to the DVLA.