Funding is not always available and therefore, it may be down to the individual / organisation / trust to pay for the CBT, safety clothing and equipment and the cost of hiring the moped. Provided below is a breakdown of all costs associated with the Kickstart Norfolk Moped Scheme. Payments can be made by Go Cardless.
Please note:it does not include rider insurance excess and any other costs that may be applicable.
Please note: that the insurance provided by Kickstart Norfolk is ONLY third party, fire and theft.

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Discounted Cost

Compulsory Bike Training (CBT)From £125
moped hireStandard 50cc hire = £39.50 per week
Standard 110cc hire = £49.50 per week
EcoLEC Scheme = £24.50 per week 
Apprenticeship Scheme 50cc hire = £32.50 per week
Apprenticeship Scheme 110cc hire = £42.50 per week
motorcycle helmet£50
armoured motorcycle jacket£80
motorcycle gloves£30
waterproof trousers£25
high visibility vest£15
maximum potential savings£519


Rider safety is Kickstart Norfolk’s number one priority and no moped or scooter will be issued without the individual producing a copy of his or her pass cert and proving they are in possession of  the relevant clothing or safety equipment which must meet required safety standards. The  individual is not required to purchase any clothing, equipment or CBT from Kickstart Norfolk.