Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any age restrictions?

No: anyone 16+ can apply for a Kickstart Norfolk moped, if you are under 18 you will need permission from a parent or guardian. Due to current UK law, we will require a guarantor for any applicant under 18 years of age. This will be explained in further detail by a member of the Kickstart Norfolk team during the application process.

How much will the Moped Scheme cost?

This will depend on your personal situation and regional funding variations, please see the costings section or call the team on 01362 699923.

So, what do I do next?

To start the wheels in motion we will need a completed application from you and you can obtain an application form by:
  1. Clicking on the apply now button on this page and complete the application form. Once completed, you will need to save a copy and then email this to Kickstart Norfolk at
  2. Complete an application form with your advisor/staff member.
  3. Call Kickstart Norfolk on 01362 699923 and we will be happy to complete an application with you over the telephone. Alternatively, we can either email or post you a copy of the application form.

Do I need a licence?

Yes: Prior to coming onto the Moped Scheme, all applicants will be required to hold at least a Provisional Driving Licence. 

How long can I use the moped or scooter for?

There is a minimum period of 4 weeks but no maximum hire period, providing it is cost effective for us to do so, you can use the vehicle for as short or long a period as you want, subject to our terms and conditions being met.

How long does the application process take?

This will depend on your personal situation but once your application has been received, Kickstart Norfolk will aim to get you onto a moped or scooter within 3-7 working days. The earlier you submit your application the better and therefore, we recommend you complete an application form  today!!