Sponsors & Working Relationships

Kickstart Norfolk understands that an individual may have many needs and barriers that prevent them from moving forward with their life and these could range from transport issues, to learning difficulties to disabilities. As a charity, we are proud to state that through our work with multi-agencies and organisation, Kickstart Norfolk have been able to assist individuals from all backgrounds and abilities.As a charity, we hope to continue identifying and building strong working relationships with organisations, foundations and trusts.

It has been proven that an individuals’ needs are best met by having a strong and diverse network of experts supporting them and if you believe that your organisation can help play a part in improving an individual’s life then Kickstart Norfolk would love to hear from you. To find out more about working alongside our charity please call our Partnership Officer on 01362 699923 or 07387 268632.

Kickstart Norfolk are always on the lookout for sponsors who could help provide or fund resources to help our service users to take part in our crucial transport scheme. If you or your organisation would like to discuss the possibility of providing some form of sponsorship, please call our Partnership officer on 01362 699923 or 07387 268632.

Kickstart Norfolk currently have a working relationship or work in partnership with: